Fight Or Flight

Fight or Flight
Panic makes lose control.
It is irrational and finds his expression in the body, it makes the eyes wide open, contract the muscles, speed the heartbeat.
It is a sudden answer, a reflection not set by the mind.
Panic is like fire, it jumps from a person to another, from a community to another and change what it touches. Its energy is uncontrolled, it needs just a word to explode, it is strong with a distractive effect.
The aim of this first work for six dancers is to investigate the body to find out the enigmas that lead towards the fear of being on the edge of our lifes.
This project is an investigation: FIGHT OR FLIGHT?

L’O.fficina Danza Contemporanea Firenze

Sanat Yonetmeni: Tan Temel & Samuele Cardini
Topluluk Yonetmeni: Noemi Abrignani
Koreografi: Tan Temel
Koreografi Asistanı: Sernaz Demirel
Dansçılar: Marta Capaccioli, Sara Campinoti, Veronica Cornacchini, Lucrezia Palandri, Viola Vannucchi, Elita Cannata
Müzik: Matteo Gioli (Electric Guitar) Alessio Gioffredi (Drums) Fabio Mazzei (Percussion) Stephane Pigneul (Bass)