The BeHold Project is a raw and daring interdisciplinary dance performance that deconstructs the apparent 'clash of civilizations' raging on the global political stages, in our media and in our neighborhoods. The BeHold Project is created by Artists who believe in asking why and how things happen as they do in a world where the body is constructed by culture. BeHold puts into dance Performance Theater what is only ever experienced from the inside. 

Co-Choreographers Jack Gallagher from Bodies Anonymous in Amsterdam and Tan Temel from Istanbul Dance Theater+ (IDT+) began in 2008 by asking the tough questions about culturally constructed differences when it comes to their vision of the world, their cultural heritage and their artistic practice. They bring together a team of dancers, musicians, artists and designers who are willing to confront each other with the tough questions about the contemporary discourse concerning today’s spirituality, beliefs and behaviors. They ask: Who can really walk in the others shoes? How can sharing perspectives shed light on the beauty of a sincere dialogue? Can they reach the cultural contents at the level of the body and transform them into visual poetry? 

BeHold-Phase 3, 1st Premiere at DanceLab, Istanbul European Cultural Capital Dance Platform September 16th 2010. In its third research phase out of 5, Gallagher and Temel test the limits of dance composition by making a performance for two distinct audience groups simultaneously. Will the Turkish audience feel the presence of the Dutch audience? And vise versa. Can we dance side by side and suspend the recent socio-political conflicts and still be heartfelt and honest? Or can we use the stage to expose the personal unsaid dramas that occur when one dares to look into the web of influences that we depend on for our sense of truth. 

Tan Temel, İstanbul Dance Theater + / Jack Gallagher, Bodies Anonymous

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